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Understanding that there is ONE GOD, the ORIGIN and CREATOR of the universe, who has MALE and FEMALE characteristics and can best be described as UNIVERSAL PARENTS who love all mankind unconditionally as their children, and understanding that any human life is born because of the love of parents, the love of a FATHER and of a MOTHER, so given in the natural universe.

Understanding that human beings exist as MALE and FEMALE, of equal value, as a reflection of their original Creator.

Understanding that Human life contains at the same time SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL aspects, an inclusive perspective of both realities is needed to deal with the real human nature appropriately. Life does not end with physical death. Life on earth is essentially intended to be a school of heart and love in preparation for our eternal home in a spiritual realm. Death can be compared to a second birth.

Understanding that humanity pursues THREE LIFE GOALS as described in various sacred scriptures( Bible Genesis 1: 27: “Be fruitful, multiply and have dominion over the earth!”). This means that human life should reflect the dual characteristics of the Creator, by first attaining personal maturity(1. Maturity of character or mind/body unity ) before marrying (2. Maturity of Heart through the unity of masculinity and feminity ) thus forming a couple and family centred on God’s love, and thirdly care for the environment with responsible stewardship(3. Maturity of stewardship of the original Creator ). Understanding that humanity’s pursuit of these life goals has been the guiding purpose of human history and the key issue of all religions.

FFWPU therefore affirms the following Paradigm for the Family and it’s unique role for Human Development :

FFWPU considers the natural marital family not as a mere social convention, but as an important, universally shared life goal. A mutual commitment to conjugal love between a man and a woman, and lived as an expression of God’s Love, is the basis for love, joy and personal development in the couple, as well as the most nurturing environment for children to grow from conception through childhood to adulthood. Family is furthermore an essential training ground for building peaceful sustainable communities, societies and a peaceful unified world.