Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Switzerland

Empowering Individuals and Families – Building Bridges between People, Nations and Cultures

How you can join us and work with us

Come to meet us and discuss your thought on your issues by contacting some of our local chapters. Send your inquiry to our FFWPU Switzerland HQ at 1092 Belmont-sur-Lausanne, case postale 84, through or by using the online contact form by clicking here.

Our representations in Switzerland:
Since it’s founding in 1996, FFWPU Switzerland has developed local chapters and representations according to the map below.


In the nearest future, new representations will be opened in the major cities throughout the nation. All local representations are independently working, with various projects and activities in various locations. They all are represented in the umbrella organization of FFWPU – Switzerland.
5 Steps on how to get involved:
1)   Sign up for one of our seminars, workshops or projects 
2)   Get involved and become a member of FFWPU – Switzerland.
3)   Support our activities by offering financial support for one of our projects. - Membership : from 100.00 CHF /year - Supporter : 30.00 CHF / year
4)   Partner with us and/or start your own project where we could work together. 
Support our work in connection with our Family Policy Forum: Advocacy for a coherent approach and strategy in matters of Family policies and - politics.